Gas from Algae, Pros & Cons


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This German building has a “bio-adaptive” facade that is claimed to be a first for using algae within its glass louvers in order to generate energy, and provide shade, to a working building.

Researchers think algae might be part of the answer to slowing greenhouse gas emissions at power plants, and ultimately climate change.

Not only for cars, algae can also heath buildings like this German Office

To create the algae façade, the building is covered in bio-reactive “louvers” that enclose the algae. Additionally, the bio-reactors trap the heat energy created by the algae, which can then be harvested and used to power the building.

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First Bio-Generator Plant in The Netherlands

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Bio-Generator Plant in The Netherlands

Marshall Energy starts a plant in Eindhoven, The Netherlands producing it’s highly efficient Bio-Generators for the world. 

This plant will be capable of producing 84,000 Mobile Power Stations, each year when it is fully operational. During the first period Marshall will produce the M4P2.

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