Which Oil Company scored best in producing sustainable biofuel 2013?

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In 2005 more than 50% of the fuel was depending on natural gas. Just 10% was green powered. Looking at the data from 2013, the market for energy production has been preserved substantially. 35% of green energy and the share of polluting sources like natural gas and coal has been reduced.

Under the Dutch biofuels obligation, fuel suppliers are required to include a minimum share of biofuels in their overall sales of road transport fuels: 5.0% in 2013.

They also have to submit an annual report detailing the biofuels they sell on the Dutch market. The Dutch Emissions Authority published a selection of the results. 

Ranking of fuel suppliers based on total GHG emissions of the seven biofuels mostly used in 2013

  1. Number 1 Salland
    This year the biofuels brought on the market by Salland have the lowest average GHG emission factor
  2. Number 2 Esso
  3. Number 3 Kuwait

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Netherlands Leading Role in EU Energy Market?

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Sun, wind and wave-powered: Europe unites to build renewable energy ‘supergrid’

Building on its strengths, the Netherlands, has an unique position to play a pivotal role in the Europe Energy market.

Why? Because of its physical infrastructure, geographical location, its strong business acumen and scientific strengths.

The University Delft has made a model for the Netherlands, how to take the leading role in the European Energy Market.

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America Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014

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An atlas of pollution: the world in carbon dioxide emissions

This Renewable Energy Policy Report 2014 presents an in-depth analysis of the renewable energy policies across the major countries in North and South America namely the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

It also presents the major renewable policy frameworks in place in some of the major states in the US and Canada.

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Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2014

groene globe kleinThe Report presents an in-depth analysis of the Renewable Energy Policies of Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biopower and Biofuels. The involved countries are: Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Turkey. Read More