Breakthrough wastewater purification

Breakthrough wastewater purification

In the heart of the system lays an interconnected and interacting network of bioreactor arrays, where the individual reactor-cells themselves work as high-speed and high-efficiency multi-core bio-processors. The reactor-system is completed with upstream and downstream processing units to make the whole factory suitable to process wastewater and almost any kind of organic waste into products for sale.

I would remind you of a very interesting concept for decentralized wastewater purification. 

The concept was developed in Hungary by the startup Biopolus and embraced by the Dutch Water Board.

Biopolus, deserves more attention because of the multiple value adds and the possibility of integration the technology into an existing neighborhood.

This year, the abbey ‘Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven’  will have the first purification refinery system in the Netherlands. Read More