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Take advantage of our network to grow your business.

The international network of BetterWorldSolutions is growing fast. Via the BetterWorldSolutions network, you have a quarter of a million network opportunities. Read More

Building needs energy coordinator

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The municipality wants to be climate neutral by 2040. Therefore it is driven to realize energy efficiencies, solar panels in the city and expansion of the heating network.

Buildings can save a lot of energy. In order to realize the energy savings, an experienced energy manager is necessary.

BetterWorldSolutions asked three coordinators what they realized.  Read More

Negotiation, what does work?


Changes need new thinking

How do you formulate your goals at the negotiation table? What does work?

Sometimes requirements do work. But not always.

Demanding is rarely good for the atmosphere at the negotiating table.

When do you formulate your request as a requirement and when do you use a question?

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Doing international business and cooperation?

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Looking for international business?

When you expand your business to another country, you need competent and trustworthy partners. BetterWorldSolutions helps you find them. Our business database contains thousands of companies, NGO’s, Universities and scientists. Read More