Delft Hyperloop fourth in competition

Students from Delft Hyperloop with their vehicle in the vacuum tube, in preparation for the final of the Hyperloop Pod Competition 2019.

Last sunday, a student team Delft Hyperloop took part in the final of the Hyperloop Pod Competition 2019 of SpaceX in Los Angeles.

Because of various malfunctions, the vehicle didn’t reach the intended top speed. Nevertheless, the students finished in fourth place. Read More

Wave Energy Conversion Competition Offers Cash Prize


wave power or hybrid?

Green Ocean Energy’s Wave Treader energy conversion device is a step closer to becoming certified. The device adds more generation capacity to an offshore wind turbines, by harnessing offshore wave energy. It is mounted at water level on the wind turbine foundation/tower, and harnesses energy from oncoming waves. This increases the energy yield of an offshore wind farm significantly.

Ricardo has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to administer a ocean Wave Energy Converter (WEC) prize challenge, aimed at helping to bring this potential source of clean energy to commercial scale.

Wave energy conversion is technology that uses the motion of ocean waves to create electricity.

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Enter and/or redesign the Cherokee-McDonough Challenge

Cherokee McDonough Challenge Finale 2013

Cherokee McDonough Challenge Finale 2013

Cherokee Fund in Raleigh, North Carolina USA, is an investment company that blends: capital with creativity, experience and resolve to provide superior financial, environmental and social returns for investors, partners and communities. One of their side-activities is the Cherokee-McDonough Challenge, for start-ups in sustainability.  Read More