Thermal energy storage saves 90% heat

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The first Ecovat Thermo Energy Storage Tank almost ready for use

The Dutch startup Ecovat is making the energy supply in the built environment sustainable, by creating a large thermal storage tank that is able to store high temperature heat (to around 90 degrees C) over a longer period (> 6 months) with a loss of energy in this period of less than 10%.

Dr. Ir. J van Berkel (TU/e) has confirmed this in a desk research. (Report “Ecovat Thermodynamics”, March 20th, 2014).  Read More

Green Battery Using Hydro-Pneumatics


The unit efficiently reconverts this compressed air into electricity to provide power or feed the electricity grid.

The HYPES Battery system developed uses water, air and eco-friendly materials to store, manage and convert, generated electrical energy.

This green solution could be adapted to a wide range of stationary applications.

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Water tank retains > 90% thermal energy

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Ecovat expects to be able to retain more than 90% of thermal energy and more than 93% of ‘exergy’ over a period of 6 months.

The Dutch startup Ecovat wants to link the heat waste market to the renewable energy market.

A revolution to heating, cooling and thermal energy storage.

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Smart Grid Battery: Compressed Air

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Adiabatic storage (CAES AA) not only saves electricity but also heat. This would lead up to 70% efficiency

Have you already heard of Compressed Air to store renewable energy? 

Compressed air technology compresses air at high pressure and stores it (mostly underground).

There are few projects and they are huge.


Economies of scale affect prices positively because increasing the storage is often associated with low marginal costs.

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