Merits Heat Battery Tested

Merits heat battery

The thermal energy can be stored with a high density while limiting the energy losses to the ambient

Since May 2016, the Merits prototype of a compact rechargeable heat battery is tested. The test will take the whole summer. 

The battery is developed including high energy density thermochemical materials that can supply required heating, cooling and domestic hot water for a dwelling with up to 100% renewable energy sources (e.g. the sun) throughout the year. Read More

Microsoft saves energy with cloud storage under water

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Microsoft stores the data in a water proof container

Saving data in the deep sea can save energy. This is Microsofts conclusion after an experiment of three months with a data center in a container at sea.

The new Microsoft data center near the Scottish coast will be used for 864 servers and 27.6 petabytes of storage. The IT company is investigating whether cooling by seawater offers a solution for reducing energy consumption. Read More

Buildings can still save a lot of energy

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The AMC’s LED bulbs will be tested first before placing them on a large scale

Existing buildings can save much energy by taking energy-saving measures that will reduce your energy bill quickly.

Suzanne Oudmaijer, energy coordinator at the Amsterdam Medical Care Hospital (AMC) “With proper adjustment of systems we can accelerate energy savings.”

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