City chooses Cradle to Cradle Hall

City chooses Cradle to Cradle Hall

The greenhouse purifies the outdoor air with functional living green before it will enter the building.

The municipality of Venlo preferred a new city hall as state-of-the-art example of Cradle-to-Cradle design. Right now, the City Hall Venlo’s design is a paramount example of applying the Cradle to Cradle design principles on building scale. The Hall is being recognized for many innovations

  • the building is designed for its users and residents, culture and place
  • it is designed to anticipate future innovations and continuous improvements at all scales

This post describes how the dream of a C2C inspired building has been translated into practice, how the process evolved and the benefits it has brought so far. How did they do it?

Reusing materials begins with the knowledge about  products and building. What’s inside and what can we do with it? Read More

Boyan Slat raises $21.7 Million to Rid Pacific Ocean of Plastic

Boyan Slat raises $21.7 Million to Rid Pacific Ocean of PlasticThe 22-Year-Old Boyan Slat, raised $21.7 Million to Rid Pacific Ocean of Plastic. The Ocean Cleanup – the ambitious Dutch venture devoted to ridding the world’s oceans of plastics, announced last week that it has raised $21.7 million in donations since last November.

This latest round of funding brings The Ocean Cleanup’s total funding since 2013 to $31.5 million and allows the startup to initiate large-scale trials of its cleanup technology in the Pacific Ocean later this year.

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BetterWorldConstructions Green Architecture and Urban Development

BetterWorldConstructions Green Architecture and Urban Development

BetterWorldConstructions aims to close the loop of low carbon construction chains. Therefore we organize a workshop named ‘The Future of Building Circular’ in the Netherlands, April 20, 2017. 

We invited the networks of clients, architects and suppliers in the bio-composite materials construction chain, circular construction and low-carbon concrete industries in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Read More

A complete circular building

Thomas Rau created a real circular building

Circular building is more than reusing the existing structure. All added materials, such as the concrete tiles, furniture and the insulation material, are recycled products and materials.

How do you give four dated bunched offices a second life without wasting material? Simple: build circular.

Energy Company Liander did it.

We have seen it. And it’s an amazing ‘new’ future proof and circular building. Read More

How Companies Can Benefit from the Circular Economy

The circular economy represents a viable alternative to this detrimental “linear” model. Rather than going from “cradle to grave,” this new development pathway promotes ‘cradle to cradle‘. 

In this type of economy, company growth is no longer reliant on the use of scarce resources.

Instead, it is achieved through the use of disruptive technology and business models that are based on longevity, renewability, reuse, repair, upgrade, refurbishment, capacity sharing, and dematerialization. Read More

Ellen MacArthur: We need to switch to the circular economy

Recycle, Reuse, circular economy, raw materials, sustainable infra, electronics, cradle to cradle, green city, remanufacturing

To reuse or recycle a material, we need to know where materials are located.

During her world tour sailing Ellen became aware how important good material management was.

At sea, good materials are the difference between life and death.

Ellen started to think about the use of raw materials in our world economy. 

Her circular economy based on the principles of cradle-to-cradlewas born.



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Prefabricated modular sustainable skyscraper build in 19 days

Sustainable, cradle-to-cradle, China, skyscraper, record, energy, prefab

Sustainable Building – a construction company based in Changsha, China – records time-lap, building a skyscraper in 19 days

In China, an ultramodern skyscraper has been build within 19 days.

The building can handle earthquakes, and is build with many sustainable materials.

Named ‘The Mini Sky City’, has 57 floors and 180,000 square meters for 800 apartments and offices. Read More