Insights with the Smart Energy Connector

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When something is wrong with an energy meter, the SEC shows this in an alarm screen and you will get an automatic email

The Smart Energy Connector (SEC) is a very easy and sophisticated energy registration system for businesses. This plug&play system gives insights where, how much and how much energy is being used at any moment. Read More

10 steps for industries to reduce your carbon footprint

Water footprint, reuse, recycle, waste water, wastewater, climate change, industry, measure, 6 steps‘Climate Change’ is hot this year.

  • During the climate summit in New York hundreds of initiatives were announced to tackle carbon emissions
  • And the G7 world power nations agreed on increasing global warming with maximum 1 degrees Celsius comparing with 1990.

But all the agreements need the support of businesses and industries. So: What can your business or industry do to reduce your carbon footprint?  Read More

G7 agrees on ending global warming

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Stephen Harper (Canada), Barack Obama (USA) and the other G7-leaders agreed on the 2015 climate deal

In their final declaration, the G7 word power nations agreed collectively on an increase of maximum 2 degrees Celsius compared to 1990. Together we will tackle climate-fragility.

Environmental organizations Oxfam Novib and Greenpeace, responded positively. Especially the fact that Japan has resigned, was seen as a surprise.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that it was not hard to convince Japan.  Read More