Scenarios: A green revolution has winners and losers

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List of oil producing countries in the world

A green revolution will ensure winners and losers. The coffers of the oil-producing countries will become discharged and that leads to riots and instability.

Germany and Denmark are Europe’s big winners in this green revolution. Why?

  • Since 20 years, they closed all the nuclear power and coal plants
  • Roofs without solar panels are a rarity
  • Windmills seems to be the new high voltage towers: ugly but indispensable
  • Efficient appliances and lighting hardly costs for electricity are very low
  • Heating the house becomes from the heat of the earth
  • Electricity excess is stored in batteries with ammonia, as big as garage

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MODI – next step to a country running on solar

MODI - next step to a country running on solar

The Airport, inaugurated a massive 45-acre solar plant with 46,000 panels, which will provide about 12 MW.

Its president Modi’s dream to transform India to a fossil free country (100GW of solar power by 2022). This is one of the reasons that India has been implementing solar energy on a large scale.

Modi is changing the country

Read about of the thousands of solar panels supplying green energy to fuel stations, railway stations, water canal projects and villages. And since August 2015. the Cochin International Airport runs on solar power.   Read More

320,000 Customers will participate in Demand Response Programs California

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These programs serve SCE’s residential, commercial and industrial customers who, in exchange for bill reductions, have agreed to reduce their energy consumption when called upon to do so and in that way ease the stress on the electric system, especially in times of peak power demand.

Southern California Edison (SCE) announced the integration of an estimated 1,118 megawatts of demand response resources into California’s wholesale energy markets.

And 320,000 customers have agreed to join. Read More

Yet nuclear fusion?

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The breakthrough is due to the availability of superconductors, made of barium copper oxide

Just about the Holy Grail of clean energy: nuclear fusion, which – unlike nuclear fission – produces no waste.

An infinite source of clean energy. But until now, not into practice. He? What says MIT? Read More

Save energy without anyone noticing

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The Sustainable Energy Test Site on the roof of the University Utrecht is one of the five Sustainable Roof Plans of the province of Utrecht

Ron Brenk is senior project manager building management.

Brenk coordinates the technical maintenance of the 10 buildings of the University of Utrecht. Read More

This Compressed Air Turbine Outperforms Wind Turbine

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This Compressed Air Turbine Outperforms Wind Turbine

Is this compressed air turbine the future of power generation that we are looking for?

The compressed air turbine makes use of the natural source, and in return it helps to improve the environmental condition.  Read More

Thermal energy storage saves 90% heat

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The first Ecovat Thermo Energy Storage Tank almost ready for use

The Dutch startup Ecovat is making the energy supply in the built environment sustainable, by creating a large thermal storage tank that is able to store high temperature heat (to around 90 degrees C) over a longer period (> 6 months) with a loss of energy in this period of less than 10%.

Dr. Ir. J van Berkel (TU/e) has confirmed this in a desk research. (Report “Ecovat Thermodynamics”, March 20th, 2014).  Read More

8 tips using solar panels

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Now the world has a ‘Green’ Pope

In addition to the traditional use of solar panels there are more inventive ways.

Think of solar panels on heritage or on parking lots.

And even the pope loves solar power.

We hope to inspire you with these examples. Read More

PV + Heat Pump cost-effective

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Solar heat combined with a heat pump payback period 5-6 years

Solar heating in combination with a ground source heat pump is cost-effective for the on-site heating of buildings according to the VTT technical research centre of Finland. (report)

Researchers explored the use of hybrid solutions to enhance the efficiency of heat and electricity production in buildings. Read More

Floating railway will store 10% of Dutch electricity

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This ‘energy train’ energy storage system, enables 2.5 gigawatts of electricity to be stored for an eight-hour period or 400 megawatts for 48 hours.

The energy storage market is blossoming. Because we need renewable energy storage to supply our smart electrical grids at daily moments the demand for energy is high.

In a few years, a huge underground floating railway will store 10% of the Netherlands’ daily energy. 

The energy storage costs will be 10% of the normal costs.

The energy ‘train’ storage system will compensate Dutch peaks and troughs in the supply and demand of green energy like wind and solar. 


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European Circular Economy Is Growing Fast

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Resource productivity in the EU grew by 20% between 2000 and 2011. And another 30% is expected by 2030, resulting in an additional 2 million jobs.

The circular economy in Europe is growing fast. Products are remanufactured, reused, repaired and recycled.

Closing the Loop – from waste to raw materials.

It’s great to see how many materials are saved and how many jobs this circular economy is creating. Both the Netherlands and the UK are leading in the continent.

The benefits are clear: more jobs and a healthier environment.

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New Electricity Law boosts local energy experiments

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Smart grid solutions ensure a sustainable future with renewable energy

Since April 1, 2015 the Dutch Government has given a boost to local energy experiments with a new law. With this new law, it will be easier to start a local renewable energy initiative.

A business park can start their own experiment in which they themselves monitor the electricity on site. The operator will only deliver to the connection of the grid site. The business park or a third party is responsible for the delivery to the individual companies. Read More

Aluminum battery loads in 1 Minute


The aluminium battery can be charged and discharged 7,500 times, without hardly any loss of capacity.

Researchers at Stanford University have invented an Aluminum Battery that can be recharged in one minute.

More advantages: this battery will last much longer and it’s inexpensive.

In a publication in Nature, scientists show that the aluminium battery can be charged and discharged 7,500 times, without hardly any loss of capacity. Read More

Green Battery Using Hydro-Pneumatics


The unit efficiently reconverts this compressed air into electricity to provide power or feed the electricity grid.

The HYPES Battery system developed uses water, air and eco-friendly materials to store, manage and convert, generated electrical energy.

This green solution could be adapted to a wide range of stationary applications.

Ingenious and eco-friendly! Read More

Water tank retains > 90% thermal energy

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Ecovat expects to be able to retain more than 90% of thermal energy and more than 93% of ‘exergy’ over a period of 6 months.

The Dutch startup Ecovat wants to link the heat waste market to the renewable energy market.

A revolution to heating, cooling and thermal energy storage.

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First Bio-Generator Plant in The Netherlands

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Bio-Generator Plant in The Netherlands

Marshall Energy starts a plant in Eindhoven, The Netherlands producing it’s highly efficient Bio-Generators for the world. 

This plant will be capable of producing 84,000 Mobile Power Stations, each year when it is fully operational. During the first period Marshall will produce the M4P2.

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What if waiting for a red light is fun?

Nobody likes to wait for a red light. That makes traffic lights the most dangerous spots for pedestrians in the city.
But what if waiting is just fun. Introduced in Lisbon Portugal. Watch the video Read More