Barcelona improves urban living

Barcelona improves urban living

I felt very satisfied with the convenience the public bike provides; easy, green and fun to use, and ready available all over the city!

Barcelona not only wants to be independent from Spain, the city also plans actions to improve the life of their citizens. 

Less traffic, less inconvenience from the millions of visitors and eco-friendly traffic. These are a few of the actions, the city focusses on to improve urban life. Read More

Green roofs against climate change in Amsterdam

climate change, rainfall, green roofs

Green roofs in Amsterdam. Perfect infrastructure to collect water

Rain will become more extreme because of climate change. Because of the paved area, cities are struggling to handle the peak rainfall.

Heavy rainfall causes a lot of damage (material and social) and overflows of sewage water into the surface water has a negative impact on water quality. That’s why green roofs are valuable. Read More

7 Tips to minimize the impacts of weather and climate change on your building


Green building with solar windows

Green building with solar windows

Are you keeping weather and climate change impacts in mind as you manage the water and energy use of your building? Here are a few tips: Read More