Report shows: Sea level is rising fast

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The increase is faster than measured in the entire last century: Nowadays, the sea level is about 6 centimeters higher, as it was in 1994 and about 20 centimeters above the level of 1880.

A new study is showing that, in recent years, the sea level has been risen. Not just slowly but faster.

That is told by a team of researchers.

They have scrutinized the measurements and sentinel satellites date once again. 

Christopher Watson from the University of Tasmania and his colleagues, wrote in the journal Nature Climate Change, that the new data fit better with the accelerating of melting land ice in Greenland. Read More

Denmark claims the North Pole

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The battle for the North Pole has been started

In the battle for oil and gas, Denmark is looming for control of the North Pole. Other interested countries are the US, Russia, Canada and Norway. All countries are thinking they have a right to claim the region. Yesterday, Denmark has claimed the rights of the north pole  (via Greenland) in the UN.  Read More