MobileFactory: Haiti’s first debris houses


MobileFactory: Haiti’s first debris houses

MobileFactory – a dream becomes reality

It is time to demonstrate how to change the world!

Dangerous debris that destroys people’s lives and their surroundings will soon be transformed by The MobileFactory’s The Flying Dutchman into high-quality building materials for poor people to build their own safe, dignified homes. Read More

This #1 Cool Building Initiative Needs Your Support

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Committing to the people in Haiti, who are still living in tents feels ah-mazing.

Seldom I have seen people so grateful with a small contribution. I’m honest. Slightly less than 10 dollars. For a lot of StartUps this is normal nowadays. This one not. Class!

The Mobile Factory transforms rubble into Lego building blocks. The blocks allow victims of war or natural disasters to construct their own new, earthquake proof houses, and rebuild the communities they lost. And they need your support. Today!  Read More

World Bank pledges 50 million dollars for water and sanitation in Haiti

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Haiti gets clean drinking water

Fifty million dollars have been pledged by the World Bank to improve safe water and sanitation and fight cholera in Haiti.

In 2010, 8,500 died and over 800,000 people were infected with the disease in the Caribbean country.

Bank president, Jim Yong Kim spoke at a donor conference in Washington D.C., which is inviting partners to fund the plan to eliminate cholera in Haiti. Read More