Seawater energy – the new generation ocean power?

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this small hydro energy system from Malaysia is asking your reaction,

This seawater energy system for hydro energy is different from the earlier sisters.

This one is able to capitalize on the maximum use of the ‘Water Head Pressure Methodology’.


This Ocean power concept is developed by mr. Jalaludin Hashim from Malaysia Read More

1,200 MW of Solar Power expected in Nigeria

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sun transmission to solar power

And again two US companies have signed MoUs to deliver 1,200 MW (1.2 GW) of utility-scale PV projects in Nigeria.

The Government of Nigeria is said to be in the process of identifying and allocating suitable land for the project. The first projects are expected to come up in 2017 Read More

Hydrodynamic screw reverses for renewable energy

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Water from the lake at Penllergare Valley Woods flows downwards to the river below, turning the screw to produce electricity.

With rising energy costs, not only is industry looking for energy-saving solutions, but even better are energy-producing solutions. Hydrodynamic screws are a low-cost, environmentally sound way to generate energy. Their origins go back to ancient Greece. Andritz Atro gave the original disign a new twist. Read More

EU Report: costs and subsidies energy technology

Irena report renewable energy to 2030

A new report, “Global Bioenergy Supply and Demand Projections for the Year 2030,” examines the biomass potential in world regions and with different technologies for rapid and sustainable scale-up of this vital renewable energy resource

A presented report from the EU ‘Progress towards completing the Internal Energy Market‘ shows the total value of public interventions in energy in the EU were €122 billion.

It estimates on external costs across power generation technologies. Not all costs can be reflected in market prices.

Think of costs of environmental and health impacts and the costs of climate change. It puts the figure of external costs of the EU’s energy mix in 2012 at between €150 and 310 billion. Read More

Nigeria is planning for additional 2,5mw of renewable energy by 2015

Solar is expected to contribute 117MW by 2015

Solar is expected to contribute 117MW by 2015

The federal government of Nigeria is planning to implement a policy that will see the country add 2,483 megawatts of electricity into its national grid by 2015 from renewable energy sources.

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Large Hydro Dams in tropical areas accelerate climate change

Hydro-electricity dam Egypt in the river Nile

Hydro-electricity dam Egypt in the river Nile

Large dams produce hydro-electricity, but also they accelerate climate change with two degrees.

Megahydro provides of lots of power with relatively little expense, but environment advocates often oppose projects because they drown significant amounts of otherwise valuable land, erasing cultural resources and drowning entire ecosystems and produce methane. 

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Hydropower screw turbine for nature park

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The hydropower screw turbine is a fish friendly, efficient device for converting the potential energy in water to electricity.

Landustrie delivered a hydropower screw turbine to the Penllergare Valley Trust in Wales, UK.

The Trust welcomed the screw turbine as its electricity production is an important financial corner stone of the wood’s restoration program.  Read More