Drones to plant billion trees

planting trees, using drones

Drones plant thousands of times more seeds and only needs one worker to pilot multiple drones

Drones to plant a billion trees?

According tot Lauren Fletcher, former engineer at NASA and CEO of BioCarbon Engineering, this is possible.

Flatcher has developed drones that will carry pre-germinated seeds, dropping them in pods from 3 meters above the ground. With drones, he claims to be able to replant 36,000 trees a day.

That’s about one billion trees per year at 15% of the costs of hand plantation. Read More

Flood expected? The Crowd is saving lives

Flood, monitoring, Floodtags, Indonesia, maps, live-saving

Floodtags offers the local perspective, the ground-truth on floods, by listening to and anticipating on the flood observations of citizens on social media. After filtering and enriching the data with water- and geolocations, Floodtags delivers the ground-truth data as a service for flood management.

The crowd is saving lives during flood disasters. How? FloodTags is receiving all flood related tweets, starting in Indonesia. 

Tweets about major floods are being turned into a mapping tool that could be used by emergency services and disaster response teams to evacuate an area, save lives and provide aid.
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NASA Data will help forecasting Hurricanes

Climate change, sea level rising

Because of sea level rising, historical cities will be lost

Researchers of NASA are now able to simulate a heavy storm, typhoon or hurricane and help local authorities saving their people in an early stage.

The researchers used data, including temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction. With this model they can predict a disaster because of the climate change. Read More

10 cities in danger Sea Level Rising

10 cities in danger Sea Level Rising

Building with Nature: wood is used for the restoration of mangrove forests in Indonesia

10 cities are in danger because of Sea Level Rising. And 44% of all people on Earth live within 100 miles of the shore.

Luckily, a growing number of studies have measured the risk from rising oceans, in different areas.

They made predictions for sea level rising in 2030, 2050 and 2070.  Read More

Delta city Jakarta protected by Dutch Water Experts

A seawall will protect delta city Jakarta

A seawall will protect delta city Jakarta

Jakarta is sinking about 6 cm a year. This low delta city also faces sea level rising and needs protection.

That’s why the Indonesian ministries, Jakarta City and Dutch water engineers work together in a 30 – 40 years NCICD-project to protect the city in a sustainable way against climate change. Read More