Barcelona improves urban living

Barcelona improves urban living

I felt very satisfied with the convenience the public bike provides; easy, green and fun to use, and ready available all over the city!

Barcelona not only wants to be independent from Spain, the city also plans actions to improve the life of their citizens. 

Less traffic, less inconvenience from the millions of visitors and eco-friendly traffic. These are a few of the actions, the city focusses on to improve urban life. Read More

Can Hydrogen compete E-cars?

Can Hydrogen Cars compete with E-cars?

In the body of the study it becomes clear that FCVs do not beat internal combustion engines (ICEs) by much in equivalent fuel economy, And they are not much better in greenhouse gas emissions either, particularly in the liquid hydrogen versions, because of the energy required to transport and compress the hydrogen.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars appear to be making a comeback. But is this real? The comparison in question includes discussion of:

  • the wider process behind producing hydrogen fuel
  • the production itself
  • the compression/storage
  • the transportation of the fuel
  • associated factors

The future is a bit cloudy for hydrogen fuel cells (HFC), as electric vehicles have developed quickly and taken significant market share. Read More

Lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy



Sandy was actually predicted by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (UK), a week before it arrived.

But, in the wake of superstorm Sandy, much of New York City was plunged into darkness.

What can we learn from this big flooding in New York? Read More

Zero deforestation by 2020

Deforestation, Brazil, rainforest, Amazon

Deforestation with total loss of the Amazon – 2012

The Amazon is at great risk due to climate change and human-driven industrial development, including dams, mining, agribusiness and fossil fuel extraction.

The results of a 30-year study show that it is actually losing its capacity to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Read More

Platooning can save up to 7% truck fuel

energy, sustainable, CO2, fuel, platooning, smart driving, truck

Scania takes a lead role in researching and testing truck platooning in Europe

Last Monday Scania did a trial with autonomous driving trucks.

Or actually not autonomous: they are driven by the first truck. It saves a lot of energy and costs. 

It will take years before we will see autonomous trucks on roads in Europe. Both national and European legislation should be adjusted.

Read More

Building carbon-negative is a reality

sustainable building, renewables, climate change

Buildings made of straw bales and hemp construction, can have zero heat requirements, they are saving money and reduce CO2 emissions.

ModCell is one of the first products to make large-scale, carbon-negative building a commercial reality.

The system utilizes the excellent thermal insulation qualities of straw bale and hemp construction to form prefabricated panels.

The construction offers super-insulated, high-performance, low energy ‘passive’ buildings to be built using renewable, locally sourced, carbon sequestering, sustainable building materials and can be used in offices, schools, housing and commercial buildings. Read More