IKEA: € 1 billion additional investments for climate change measurements

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Light emitting diodes, better known as LEDs, run cool and use very little electricity. That’s a cost benefit that furniture giant Ikea promotes.

IKEA has decided to invest an extra € 1 billion to tackle climate change, including investments in renewable energy.

Since 2009 the company has € 1.5 billion invested in wind and solar energy.

“We have got a very good year,” according to IKEA Group President and CEO Peter Agnefjäll at the presentation of the Annual Review and Sustainability Report of the past year. “As a result we have been able to continue significant investments in sustainability, improving our product portfolio and more increasing the number of our stores.”

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Money is the energy saver for industries

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resLoadSim model

Most of the industrial companies invest in (green) energy savings because of the direct financial benefits. Saving energy is no priority. This is the result from ECN interviews with seven companies in various sectors. Read More

Building needs energy coordinator

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The municipality wants to be climate neutral by 2040. Therefore it is driven to realize energy efficiencies, solar panels in the city and expansion of the heating network.

Buildings can save a lot of energy. In order to realize the energy savings, an experienced energy manager is necessary.

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Buildings can still save a lot of energy

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The AMC’s LED bulbs will be tested first before placing them on a large scale

Existing buildings can save much energy by taking energy-saving measures that will reduce your energy bill quickly.

Suzanne Oudmaijer, energy coordinator at the Amsterdam Medical Care Hospital (AMC) “With proper adjustment of systems we can accelerate energy savings.”

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LED Street Lights Are Energy Savers

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High-intensity discharge lamps (HID lamps) work by the standard of electric driven release. HID lights make more effective lighting resembling the alike convention as the sun lightweight and are energy efficient

The benefits of converting to LED street lights are many:

Looking for best methods to save energy in any industry?

Climate change, CO2 emission

An atlas of pollution: the world in carbon dioxide emissions

What are the best (proven methods) to save energy in any industry?

We made a summary of possible technical solutions that can decrease the amount of used energy and energy waste enormous.

Let’s solve your CO2 footprint. Please take action. Read More

Solar road, save and green

Solar road: A nationwide system could produce more clean renewable energy than a country uses as a whole

Solar road: A nationwide system could produce more clean renewable energy than a country uses as a whole

Imagine this … Would you like to drive your electric car on roads that don’t have potholes, don’t need re-construction every year, roads that will ‘self clean’ snow or ice on them in the winter, and have illuminated lines that you can see? Solar roadways will be able to accomplish all of this with existing technology.

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