Flood risks: is London in danger?

Flood, climate change, London Flood Barrier, sea level rising

Thames Barrier: A series of river gates, it was built in the 1970s to protect vulnerable London from storm surges. In 1990, the Thames Barrier closed once or twice a year on average, while in 2003 it closed 14 times. It is expected to be useful only for another 50 years because of sea level rise.

Melting ice from the poles could make sea levels rise by up to three feet by the end of the century, scientists claim. 

The Thames Barrier would struggle to cope with predicted storm surges, experts say, leaving London at risk of ‘great floods’.

London’s ‘at risk’ list includes the Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf, 86 railway and Tube stations, 16 hospitals and over half a million homes. And the iconic silver pods of the Thames Barrier can’t keep rising tides at bay forever.

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