Seawater energy – the new generation ocean power?

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this small hydro energy system from Malaysia is asking your reaction,

This seawater energy system for hydro energy is different from the earlier sisters.

This one is able to capitalize on the maximum use of the ‘Water Head Pressure Methodology’.


This Ocean power concept is developed by mr. Jalaludin Hashim from Malaysia Read More

Clean water stress Malaysia because it leaks

More than 4.27 billion liters of clean water get lost in Malaysia every day because of aging pipes. This hughes leaks cause water stress of a shortage. Experts warn that more will be wasted unless drastic measures are taken.

Malaysian clean water stress

Malaysian clean water stress

Malaysian Water Association (MWA) president Syed Mohamad Adnan Alhabshi said more than RM20bil had to be spent to replace the country’s 43,890km-long asbestos-cement pipes to fix the problems.



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