Flood Risk: Question Is Where, Not When

flood risk

Flood risk maps like this one from NOAA, are not glamorous or technologically exciting things. They have done their work for many years and, provided that they are up to date, are an effective way of communicating a generalized level of risk.

Flood Risk: Both the nature of these storms and floods, and their impact on property owners are getting close attention, and that is welcome because it is changing the way people think about underwriting insurances.

So stop wondering when a serious flood will happen – it is way more important to understand where the damage will be when the flood occurs.

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Texas flood death toll rises to 24

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Flood Waters Threaten To Break Padera Dam Texas

Persistent rain has resulted in the US state of Texas for more flooding. This past week certainly 24 people were killed by the storms and rising waters, 13 people are still missing.

US President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in the state.

In May, enough rain fell to cover Texas 8 inches deep.

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Flood expected? The Crowd is saving lives

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Floodtags offers the local perspective, the ground-truth on floods, by listening to and anticipating on the flood observations of citizens on social media. After filtering and enriching the data with water- and geolocations, Floodtags delivers the ground-truth data as a service for flood management.

The crowd is saving lives during flood disasters. How? FloodTags is receiving all flood related tweets, starting in Indonesia. 

Tweets about major floods are being turned into a mapping tool that could be used by emergency services and disaster response teams to evacuate an area, save lives and provide aid.
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