Lockheed Martin designed giant 50 MW wind turbine

Mega turbine blades for more wind mill, green energy

Mega turbine blades for more efficiency. At dangerous wind speeds, the blades are stowed and aligned with the wind direction, reducing the risk of damage

Sandia Lab (US), part of Lockheed Martin, has designed mega wind turbine blades for offshore wind mills.

The turbine blades do have a length of 200 meters: More than two times longer than the longest turbine blades which usually provide green energy from wind mills on land or at sea. Read More

Floating gas plant Rwanda produces green electricity

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Africa’s Lake Kivu contains fixed quantities of gas, which makes it both dangerous and valuable.

Since this summer, Rwanda has been winning green gas from Lake Kivu. That’s a good: should the gas release spontaneously, it will be perilous.

Floating gas plant – Kivu Watt – is located in Lake Kivu on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. Approximately 65 cubic kilometers of methane with a value of at least 40 billion dollars, will be extracted. This is important for Rwanda since the economy is growing and the energy demand grows. But there is more. Read More