Again BP cuts 4000 jobs

BP plans to skip 4000 jobs in 2016

It’s a hard life; you’ve got to be aggressive. In a tool pusher’s or driller’s eyes, every second spent on the rig floor is showtime, and it’s all recorded

Again, British Petroleum will skip 4000 jobs. The reason for this is the still falling oil prices.

For the same reason, last year about 1000 people lost their job. Read More

Shell continues to buy British Gas, despite doubts

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Cashing in: Investment bankers and advisers will enjoy Shell’s £36billion takeover of BG Group

As the oil price remains low, major shareholders are hesitating about the proposed acquisition of British Gas by Shell.

Shell thinks, in the long term, the deal will be highly.

Investment bankers and advisers will cash in on a multi-million-pound fee bonanza from Royal Dutch Shell’s £36billion takeover of BG Group.

As mentioned in ‘this is money’, £106 million in fees will be shared by advisors including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Rothschild.

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