CDP: 42 cities operating on 100% renewable electricity

CDP: 42 cities operating on 100% renewable electricity

Vancouver, Canada sources all its electricity from renewables. And it’s done so without increasing household energy bills.

CDP published a new report concluding how much progress cities are making towards a more renewable future:

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Business Models and KPIs for Smart Cities

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Cities generally do not have a global picture when it comes to the improvements made available by the Internet of Things. The role of a supplier is to smoothly translate the city’s needs into smart solutions, with adapted KPI’s.

The Smart City is the city of the future. What do we mean if we are talking about Smart Cities and how can we measure it?

Smart Cities are highly energy and resource efficient, increasingly powered by renewable energy sources; they rely on integrated and resilient resource systems and highly efficient in terms of transports, connecting people for health, education and jobs. Read More