Pretty small-scale plug and play CSP application

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CSP plug and play system

Electricity and heat dish with a Stirling engine

Microgen is providing Stirling engines to the Italian company Innova that the engine will use for two products:

  1. a dish that supplies 1 kWp power and 3 kWth heat, the so-called Trinum co-generator
  2. and Turbocaldo, which produces only 7.4 kWth heat at a temperature of 110 oC.

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Time for more Concentrated Solar Power Plants?

CSP, renewables, parabolic system

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) a cost-effective ingredient for powering the grid

The agreement of the G7, June 2015, involves a transformation of electricity generation towards renewables and nuclear by 2050.

Concentrated Solar Power is one of the answers for this transformation and get rid of fossil fuel by the end of the century. Read More