First SolarRoad Normandy

First SolarRoad NormandyIn Normandy (France) the first electric road has been build. In 2016, Colas announced four SolarRoad pilots which would be built in 2017.

Just a few weeks ago, the first solar roadway for cars opened in the French village of Tourouvre in Normandy.

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Yet nuclear fusion?

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The breakthrough is due to the availability of superconductors, made of barium copper oxide

Just about the Holy Grail of clean energy: nuclear fusion, which – unlike nuclear fission – produces no waste.

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Biomass Power, Pros & Cons

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What all biomass sources have in common: The reduce CO2

There is a wide range of biomass potentially suitable for energy use. However most types of conversion equipment works effectively with a very few types and forms of biomass fuel. Biomass could reach 60% of our total global renewable energy use by 2030!

Although organic wastes, residues and co-products from a range of processes and industries can potentially be used as biomass feedstock, the two groups primarily responsible for producing biomass fuels are forest industries and agriculture including algae.

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