October Winds Provide 189% Scotland Needs

Scotland Floating Park produces Wind PowerScotland windparks revenues have been enormous last October.

The wind energy industry once again has smashed records with an “unprecedented” amount of electricity being generated in October, enough to provide 189% of the country’s household electricity needs and more than 100% of the country’s electricity demand on 15 out of 31 days. Read More

Bizarre Climate Records

Bizarre Climate Records

Our climate continues to act in new and frightening ways. We have never seen this before. Welcome to the climate chaos. We must declare a global climate emergency

Last week, Siberia recorded a temperature of 33.2 degrees Celcius. 

That’s 91.8 in Fahrenheit and about 20 degrees or 68°F too high! 

Weather goes crazy in Siberia – with record high temperatures. Then July snow.

Scientists warn of increasing extreme weathers. Read More

Portugal 72 hours on renewables

Portugal 72 hours on renewables

Last week the German government reported that the Portugal produced so much renewable energy on a particularly sunny, windy Sunday that there was a power surplus.

In may 2016, Portugal ran for more than half a week without having to resort to fossil fuels.
Thanks to a big push toward solar, wind, and hydro power and a little nudge from the EU, for four days, Portugal produced enough clean, sustainable electricity to meet the needs of its people. Read More