Denmark claims the North Pole

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The battle for the North Pole has been started

In the battle for oil and gas, Denmark is looming for control of the North Pole. Other interested countries are the US, Russia, Canada and Norway. All countries are thinking they have a right to claim the region. Yesterday, Denmark has claimed the rights of the north pole  (via Greenland) in the UN.  Read More

EU speeds up creation of common energy market

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The political conflict with Russia because of the Ukraine conflict gives a boost to European Union (EU) plans for the creation of a common energy market. The main stated reasons for creating a common energy market are the benefits that would go along with a broad shift to a low-carbon economy (renewables), and the need for greater energy security for the European block.

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How do you greet another in other countries

In one country, you have to give someone a gentle handshake. In another country two kisses. This video from ‘Business Insider’ gives us an insight of the use of a number of countries.