Shell can help the energy transition, but does not


There is a huge global movement towards renewable energy. Climate change disasters already cause grieve to millions around the world. This stimulates initiatives that will change the world in unpredictable ways. The directors of the oil and gas companies can not deny the changes.

Oil and gas companies such as Shell have the unique expertise to help with the construction of the future energy supplies.

Yet they do not. According to Kamp – former Shell manager – the strategy of oil and gas companies is doomed to fail.

“Like the bank, oil and gas companies won’t change their strategies. They are earning still too much money with fossil fuels.”

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Shale Gas, Pros & Cons

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Fracking uses toxic chemicals

Shale gas requires an aggressive method of collection since it is buried deep in the earth under many layers of shale.

The most popular method of collecting shale gas is hydraulic fracking, a relatively new technology, which has become quite controversial. 

Wyoming is the first US state that has reached a settlement on January 26, 2015 with oil and gas frackers. Now they have stricter chemical disclosure rules and have to be more transparent. Read More