Bizarre Climate Records

Bizarre Climate Records

Our climate continues to act in new and frightening ways. We have never seen this before. Welcome to the climate chaos. We must declare a global climate emergency

Last week, Siberia recorded a temperature of 33.2 degrees Celcius. 

That’s 91.8 in Fahrenheit and about 20 degrees or 68°F too high! 

Weather goes crazy in Siberia – with record high temperatures. Then July snow.

Scientists warn of increasing extreme weathers. Read More

Sea Level nearly doubles

Sea Level Rising nearly doubles

Antarctica has the potential to contribute more than a meter of sea-level rise by 2100 and more than15 meters by 2500

By the end of this century, the sea level nearly doubles: The sea would rise twice as high as predicted so far.

This is what researchers Robert DeConto and David Pollard reported in Nature. Read More