Billions for waterworks to make the Netherlands climate proof

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The Delta Program is like a kitchen where new recipes are developed, which then could also be highlighted on the international market.

The next years billions of euros will be spent on waterworks which will make the Netherlands climate proof.

Investments that are not confined to the increase of one dike, but also focus on a regional approach.

An approach that encourages cooperation, and shines the light on the specialized knowledge from the Dutch. Read More

Boosting Capacitive Blue-Energy and Desalination Devices with Waste Heat

Energy from seawater

Red power plant Blue Energy

The energy output of blue engines can be increased by a factor of order 2 if warm (waste-heated) fresh water is mixed with cold sea water.

Moreover, the underlying physics can also be used to optimize the reverse process of capacitive desalination of water. Read More

Dozens of America’s east coast cities face routine tidal flooding under climate change


Flooding will plaque the East Coast of the VS

Tidal flooding should be one of the biggest concernes of dozens of America’s east coast cities. Researchers said that cities have to face routine tidal flooding under climate change. Read More

Power-to-gas: an option for the energy system of the future?

The Netherlands

From wind-energy to gas. It’s a great opportunity for the Dutch 

The Netherlands had always a lot of gas in the North East but the gas is decreasing. Since a few years, renewable energy is growing fast with solar panels and wind parks. But storage of electricity remains a question.

ECN examined the role of power-to-gas in the Dutch energy system of the future.

Power-to-Gas (P2G) is a technique in which electrical energy is converted by electrolysis gas. A way to store renewable energy.

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New Dutch Rainwater Approach: No Wet Feet, Lots Of Birds And A Beautiful View

peak water disposal system

Water Board let polder Haastrecht deflate again.

We saw it this summer in the Netherlands. The rainfall the last years is extraordinary. Climate is changing and the regular water systems can not always get rit of the rainwater. Therefore, the Netherlands use a relatively new weapon against water: the peak water disposal system. Read More

Burlington flood: Cities face new breed of storms, climatologist says

The heavy rain over Burlington, Ont., on Aug. 4 was an isolated event, but climate change seems to be accompanied by more extreme storms that overwhelm infrastructure and cause flooding.

The heavy rain over Burlington, Ont., on Aug. 4 was an isolated event, but climate change seems to be accompanied by more extreme storms that overwhelm infrastructure and cause flooding.

Canadians are facing a ‘new breed’ of storms, and governments should change the way they plan for the kind of wild weather that caused a flash flood in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

And not only in Canada. All around the world, infrastructure is aging and breaking down. We need to take into consideration the new climate and look for innovations like green roofs, porous pavements and storm management solutions like the various and complementary water solutions at BetterWorldSolutions.  Read More

Hydropower screw turbine for nature park

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The hydropower screw turbine is a fish friendly, efficient device for converting the potential energy in water to electricity.

Landustrie delivered a hydropower screw turbine to the Penllergare Valley Trust in Wales, UK.

The Trust welcomed the screw turbine as its electricity production is an important financial corner stone of the wood’s restoration program.  Read More

Live demo flood barriers today in Delft – Holland

demo floodproofholland BoxBarrier 2013

Demo FloodProofHolland BoxBarrier 2013

Today, July 3th, flood barriers demonstrate their power live to the community. For instance the BoxBarrier which battles flood with water. 

The test facility has been expanded and improved Read More