WavePower: This Florida company comes with a Deep Ocean Energy Turbine

New: A Deep Ocean Wave Power Turbine from Florida

New: A Deep Ocean Wave Power Turbine from Florida

Power generating turbines with running under water on the flow of the water. That Crowd Energy achieved through a campaign on IndieGoGo. The project was detailed to the folks at Livescience, with the goal being to create turbines deep in the ocean that use currents to generate power. Crowd Energy was founded by Todd Janca, who came up with the idea and discussed it in detail recently.  Read More

Ghana invests in Tidal energy

Underwater hydro plant Ghana

Underwater hydro plant Ghana

About 1 million households in Ghana wil profit from energy out of the sea in the future.

Ghana harnesses tidal energy to generate 1,000MW of power from the Ada Esuary. Therefore Swede Energy has signed an agreement with TC Energy Ltd in Ghana to jointly develop the largest wave power project in the world.  Read More

Wave power fit worlds energy demand. Including pros & cons


Wave Power development and converters for green energy

The earth is covered for 70% with oceans. This hughes seas could produce up to 80,000TWh of electricity per year.

Five times more than is needed right now. Worldwide we need cooperation because it is a technology challenge to explore this green power efficient. But if we can we have enough energy to cover the global demand for energy.

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