Which Oil Company scored best in producing sustainable biofuel 2013?

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In 2005 more than 50% of the fuel was depending on natural gas. Just 10% was green powered. Looking at the data from 2013, the market for energy production has been preserved substantially. 35% of green energy and the share of polluting sources like natural gas and coal has been reduced.

Under the Dutch biofuels obligation, fuel suppliers are required to include a minimum share of biofuels in their overall sales of road transport fuels: 5.0% in 2013.

They also have to submit an annual report detailing the biofuels they sell on the Dutch market. The Dutch Emissions Authority published a selection of the results. 

Ranking of fuel suppliers based on total GHG emissions of the seven biofuels mostly used in 2013

  1. Number 1 Salland
    This year the biofuels brought on the market by Salland have the lowest average GHG emission factor
  2. Number 2 Esso
  3. Number 3 Kuwait

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