SolarPlane enters Space

SolarPlane enters Space

The entire round trip is expected to take five hours.

In 2018, the first SolarPlane will be launched into Space. Founder Raphaël Domjan has been supported for this amazing project through crowdfunding, and they have a host of partners on board, including Ciel Électricité, Zvezda and Fischer Connectors.

Dormjan: “It seems to me that it is necessary to go even further and overtake what has been achieved with fossil fuels.”

The project is called ‘Mission SolarStratos’. The aim of this so-called eco-adventure is to send an 8.5m long and 24.9m wide solar-powered plane, 15 minutes into space and back. Read More

Bulbs harvest moonlight energy

Bulbs harvest moonlight energy

We’re excited to see how architects will incorporate these energy generating orbs into alternative energy agendas and future building designs!

These Bulbs even harvest solar energy from moonlight.

The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have again created a spherical, sun-tracking glass bulb that is able to concentrate sunlight (and moonlight) up to 10,000 times.

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Increased solar power threatens energy companies

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Energy companies need flexible plants that can quickly respond to peaks in demand and supply

Because of the growth in the number of solar panels in Europe, Energy Companies have to consider new business models.

Strategy consultant Berger:
‘By 2030, solar power will supply half of the peak demands for energy.’

The fact that more and more consumers produce their own power, is forcing energy companies to think about their future. On sunny days Europe scores enormous energy surpluses. This distorts the market for energy companies. They feel the impact of solar energy and therefore must adjust their operations. Read More

Zero emission technology for Power Plants

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HIT HNG technology up to zero emissions power plants

Hydro Infra Technologies (HIT) has developed an innovative approach to neutralizing carbon fuel emissions from power plants and other polluting industries that burn fossil fuels. 

Using HNG technology is highly cost effective and efficient. Emission fees in the climate tax regulations cover the capture and elimination of air pollution. Read More

Ecos PowerCube generates electricity, purifies water and provides WiFi all over the World


Ecos PowerCube generates electricity, purifies water and provides WiFi all over the World

Ecos PowerCube generates electricity, purifies water and provides WiFi all over the World

Ecosphere Technologies designed a self-contained PowerCube to deliver solar power to off-grid areas, along with water purification facilities and WiFi base stations. 


The largest models can generate up to 15kW of power, Read More

Trending Solar Technologies


Fluorescent Dye Boosts Solar Cell Efficiency by a Whopping 38%

Solar is booming. Trending Solar Technologies are organic or plastic solar cells with nano technology. But there is more. Read all about the trending technologies.

A lot of the excitement now is about using the principles of photonics to manage light waves in the most efficient way. 

There are perhaps hundreds of groups in the world working on this. We introduce you to new, breakthrough technologies. As prices are lowering: panel prices below 65 cents per watt

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