CSP Heathens North Europe

CSP Heathens North Europe

Brønderslev, a Danish municipality with a population of 12,500, is setting up a multi-purpose renewable heat plant for their district heating network

It’s not gas, nor oil, its CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) that will heathen a small village in Denmark, North Europe, during the cold winters.

Denmark is a frontier for renewable energies and smart energy systems. Let’s have a look at the advantages of CSP for the region because normally we expect CSP in Southern parts of the world. Don’t we?

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City heat grid uses waste heat from paper industry

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Heat Recovery In Industrial Refrigeration efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their utility infrastructure.

Heat recovering Industry system.

Paper factorySappi can not use the heat which is produced during the proces, itself.

Therefore the waste heat is sent to the power company and ‘recycled’ to produce heat and cold for homes and businesses in the city of Maastricht. Read More

Rotterdam recycles industrial waste heat

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In the Rotterdam region, greenhouses burn together about 28 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas. That’s approximately 885 million cubic feet of natural gas per year.

Until a few years ago, all the waste heat from the petro-chemical industry in Rotterdam got lost in the river. Sin!

Since 2015 Rotterdam made a sustainable infrastructure that connects the hot effluent to the city heating system. A benefit for hundreds of thousands of houses in Rotterdam. Read More