Cape Town is running out of water

Cape Town is running out of water

Helicopters release water bombs to stop the wildfire but they are afraid to use salty sea water because that damages the vegetation.

Cape Town, South Africa is running out of water. The city has been struck by severe drought and there is enough water for just 100 days.

Just like Sao Paulo in 2015, citizens are asked to conserve and reduce their water supply. Kevin Winter, lecturer at the University of Cape Town Environmental and Geographical Sciences: 

“We can’t see any rain on the horizon. And right now, in terms of dam storage levels, we’re probably approaching the ‘100 days left of storage.

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100 Smart Cities in India

100 Smart Cities in India

India is interested in innovative solutions, that are preserving the environment and are preventing disasters because of climate change.

India intends to invest in cities in order to make them future proof. The next five years, the Indian government wants to create a hundred smart cities throughout the country.

The government is interested in innovations in the sectors water, waste management and mobility, in order to keep the cities smart, liveable and accessible for the increasing population. Read More

Green WasteWater treatment

WasteWater treatment MEGAT – Multistage Energy Generation & Aeration Technology

OMiOM Technologies presents ‘MEGAT’ multistage water treatment technology with energy re-generation capabilities.

MEGAT can eliminate 99.99% bacterias without any chemical. MEGAT aerates water with huge volume of oxygen and simultaneously regenerates up to 70% of consumed green energy. Read More

Hydrea Thermpipe delivers energy from the sewer

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This is a durable and efficient solution, which fits excellent in the pursuit of energy-neutral cities. Just 150 meters Hydrea can supply heat to 100 homes.

Sewage water is relatively warm. In stead of using fossil fuels to heat your building or home, Hydrea Thermpipe generates renewable energy, using the heat from waste water.


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Fresh Water and Energy from WasteWater

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Six research tasks were developed under the overarching theme of reclaiming energy, water, and nutrients from wastewater

As a contributor of BetterWorldSolutions told us: “I don’t yet see evidence of implementing innovatory solutions in the waste water sector. But this is where most action is needed – to produce quality renewable water and energy from sludge disposal, as ell as treating waste water before discharge – especially in water-stressed countries where the need is greatest.”

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Urban Water Challenges solved by the Dutch

Global distribution of the world's water (2006)

Global distribution of the world’s water (2006)

Worldwide, especially in emerging countries, the demand for water is increasing. The Netherlands is a water knowledge country. Their knowledge can help water managers around the world, facing future problems. 

The Netherlands promotes a number of promising technologies that can help the world. The Netherlands became all this knowledge because the country is known as the waste pit of Europe. The water of the river Rhine for example, has been used several times by the Germans by the time the Dutch want to use it. Good clean water is essential. Read More

Sao Paolo upgrades a water treatment plant for industrial reuse of water

Sao Paolo waste water treatment

Sao Paolo waste water treatment plant

The Aquapolo project was initiated to address new government regulations to restrict industrial use of potable water in São Paulo.

Aquapolo will supply the Capuava Petrochemical Complex of Mauá, located in São Paulo’s ABC region, thereby conserving enough drinking water to continuously supply a population of 300,000 people. Read More

World Bank gives the Dutch prominent role in addressing global water issues

Interaguas Project, WorldBank, Brazil, Water crisis, Dehydration

The WorldBank supports also Brazil with the Interaguas Project towards an integrated approach of water management.

The World Bank wants to give the Netherlands a more active role in advising on real solutions to address the global water challenges. Read More