Is the Melbourne water infrastructure example for Sao Paulo?

Melbourne water management

The West Werribee project will provide high quality recycled water to 20,000 homes when complete in 2014

A record $182.2 million has been invested by City West Water in vital water infrastructure in theMelbourne (Australia) in the 2012-13 financial year. 

Total water purchased for the year was 103.2 billion litres, with average residential consumption per customer remaining relatively low at 157 litres of water per person. Is Melbourne an example for Sao Paulo Brazil? Read More

Cities Loose Water From Failing Infrastructure

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It’s time cities fix their water leaks

It’s time cities fix their water leaks. Water loss from failing infrastructure, faulty metering and flat-out theft costs money, and often means lost revenue for utilities and higher rates for consumers. Between 1996 and 2010, the cost of water services in the U.S. rose by nearly 90 percent! Read More

Water storage in cities

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Rotterdam car-park, which doubles as one of the Netherlands’ largest underground water storage facilities, capable of holding 10 million liters

The construction of additional water storage facilities and water plazas, and the provision of incentives for green roofs, all help to preserve the optimal quality of life in the city despite the drastic climate change. Read More

Dozens of America’s east coast cities face routine tidal flooding under climate change


Flooding will plaque the East Coast of the VS

Tidal flooding should be one of the biggest concernes of dozens of America’s east coast cities. Researchers said that cities have to face routine tidal flooding under climate change. Read More

WorldBank project Brazil Federal Integrated Water – Interaquas – money lost?

Interaguas Project, WorldBank, Brazil, Water crisis, Dehydration

The WorldBank supports Brazil with the Interaguas Project towards an integrated approach of water management. Still there is a Water Crisis going on.

The objective of the Federal Integrated Water Sector –Interaguas Project – is to supports the Government of Brazil to improve the coordination and strengthen the capacity among key federal institutions in the water sector toward an integrated approach. It started in 2011


Where did the US$ 107.33 million go to? We don’t see any progress!

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Sao Paulo (Brazil) runs out of water

Sao Paulo runs out of water

Sao Paulo runs out of water

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is in the midst of an untimely crisis that many claim could have been avoided – it’s running out of water, and fast. The Cantareira Water System, an interbasin transfer, provides less than 5% of its capacity of 1 trillion liters.  Read More

The Netherlands gets climate proof

Netherlands, climate proof

1500 kilometers of dikes will be increased, broadened and/or strengthened

The Dutch government is assigning 20,000 million euro (25,784 million USD) to save the Netherlands against sea and especially river flooding. According to the Dutch Delta program, every citizen will be protected against climate change. This plan lowers the risk for flooding to 1 per 100,000 years.

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Florida’s fears of further beach erosion and coastal flooding

Coastal erosion costs Florida millions a year

Climate change causes a lot of damage in Florida

Decades after Congress sought to curb the federal costs of coastal management, several agencies are encouraging communities to apply for aid to protect shores with sand replenishment, bulkheads, breakwaters and rock embankments.

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South Africa’s nationwide project: Let’s build a water and sanitation infrastructure

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8% of South Africa’s land areas provides 50% of the surface water

South Africa introduces a 10-year plan to address the estimated backlog of adequate water to supply 1.4m households and 2.1m households to basic sanitation. 

The project will involve provision of sustainable supply of water to meet social needs and support economic growth.

Projects provide new infrastructure, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing infrastructure, as well as improve management of water infrastructure. Read More

Sea-level rising: Miami glimps at future extremes

Florida has severe problems facing climate change issues

Florida has severe problems facing high tides issues

Southeast Florida has already begun experiencing the effects of the sea-level rising reality. With, or sometimes even without, severe downpours, sea-level rise — combined with ‘king tides’ — is already causing localized flooding in some areas of Miami-Dade, from Miami-Beach to Sweetwater.

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Water Board India: No Water Crisis, only 3.5 million people have serious shortage

Water shortage India

3.5 million people in Delhi have shortage of clean drinking water

In a slum in Vasant Kunj (India), a young woman, Fatima, keeps her entire week’s supply in five 50-litre plastic containers lined up next to her bed.

They take up a third of the 3.5-metre metal box where she, her husband and child live. There is only one way for her to get water: she must walk to the neighbourhood spigot with heavy cannes, before filling them up and lugging them home.

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Latin America is dehydrated

El Nino treathens Central America

El Nino treathens Central America

Latin America suffers from the worst drought in decades. The largely failed harvests and rapidly shrinking cattle herds in several countries lead to serious food shortages. Famine threatens hundreds of thousands of families.
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Maybe California and NY need some of the Dutch Water Expertise?


Sunset Boulevard reopened Monday, six days after a water main break created a massive sinkhole in Westwood and flooded parts of UCLA's campus

Sunset Boulevard reopened Monday, six days after a water main break created a massive sinkhole in Westwood and flooded parts of UCLA’s campus

 – Associate Professor, CSU Channel Islands – just returned to the states to find a raft of stories from the past few days/weeks about the challenges California is facing. Some of these are drought-driven, but all are at least partly related to poor management of California’s water infrastructure and the general failure to make larger society-wide investments in their water management systems. Read More

Sustainable water management in China’s cities

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Chinese sanitation workers in Shanghai fish out thousands of dead pigs found floating in the Huangpu (March 2013)

China has not only problems solving their air pollution. Poor water quality is also of serious concern.

Therefore the Minister of Environmental Protection announced a trillion-yuan plan to reduce water pollution in a country where a fifth of the rivers are consider to be toxic, and two fifths of poor or very poor quality. Read More

Optimized BioMass Power Plants: The Revolution

With Citadel BioCat+ there is up to 17% less input  and the energy output almost doubles compared with conventional biomass power plants

With Citadel BioCat+ there is up to 17% less input and the energy output almost doubles compared with conventional biomass power plants

We are currently in a revolution. No revolution for power, but more of a – relatively speaking – sudden change of human tools, means and opportunities.

Scientists agree that we are currently in the tail of the latter. Especially visionaries and futurists dare to go further; we’re already in the next phase, or at least in the transition phase, where nanotechnology, network theory and biotechnology are major drivers. Read More

Flooding threat spreads to Severn and Thames riverside properties

flood uk

South-West and the South of England has suffered from flooding and overflow areas for months

Environment Agency warns high tides, large waves and strong winds could lead to floods in south-west and southern England.