Renewable energy has overtaken nuclear in Scotland

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Wave power machine powers 1400 homes in Scotland

Scotland is changing towards renewables. Renewable energy is getting bigger than nuclear power in the green country.
Records show renewables generated 32% more electricity than any other single source. Read More

Geothermal Energy, Pros & Cons

Renewable energy, renewables, geothermal energy, climate changeGeothermal energy is generally considered environmentally friendly. There are a few polluting aspects of harnessing geothermal energy, but these are minor compared to the pollution associated with conventional fuel sources (e.g. coal, fossil fuels).

The carbon footprint of a geothermal power plant is minimal. 

Further development of our geo resources is considered helpful in the fight against global warming.

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Mini-grids for Rural Electrification?

solar and utility/on grid electricity hybrid system charge controller/ regulator for street lamp

solar and utility/on grid electricity hybrid system charge controller/ regulator for street lamp

In general terms, grid extensión is recommended only where it is the most cost-effective solution; mini-grids should be implemented at village scale where the cost of grid extension is not affordable; and stand-alone systems are suitable for remote areas with very low demand potential and scattered loads. Read More

EU Report: costs and subsidies energy technology

Irena report renewable energy to 2030

A new report, “Global Bioenergy Supply and Demand Projections for the Year 2030,” examines the biomass potential in world regions and with different technologies for rapid and sustainable scale-up of this vital renewable energy resource

A presented report from the EU ‘Progress towards completing the Internal Energy Market‘ shows the total value of public interventions in energy in the EU were €122 billion.

It estimates on external costs across power generation technologies. Not all costs can be reflected in market prices.

Think of costs of environmental and health impacts and the costs of climate change. It puts the figure of external costs of the EU’s energy mix in 2012 at between €150 and 310 billion. Read More

Wind Technology Edge

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Extol winds is amongst the first to achieve the stringent GL-2010 guidelines for it 1 MW ‘Ex-55’ model.

With the Climate Summit in our agenda, it’s great to sea that so many companies worldwide are involved in new energy technology. This is such a great company: Extol Wind. Extol is a leading manufacturer of megawatt wind turbine. With proprietary technology and integrated manufacturing, Extol is fast emerging as global company. 

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150 wind mills extra in the North Sea

wind mill park at the North Sea

Wind mill park at the North Sea

Funding for the construction of the largest wind farm in the North Sea is agreed. The project has a total budget of 2.8 billion euros.

The wind farm will be build about 85 miles up the coast from the north of Holland.

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Windmills on the sky building generate 15% less energy

the wind yield could have been up to 15%

Wind turbines set wrong. The wind yield could have been up to 15%

The Bahrain World Trade Center was the first Tower with integrated wind turbines in the world.

Now it appears that the designers have not thought carefully about the orientation. 

If the turbines had been placed exactly opposite, the yield of the turbines had been nearly 15 % higher, concludes Professor Bert Blocken TU Eindhoven.

In theory you should be able to generate up to 31% annually more energy with the rearward placement of the turbines calculated Blocken.

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