The Flood Solution: The Tube

Flexible Tube Barrier from 50 cm to 100 cm high

Flexible Tube Barrier from 50 cm to 100 cm high

When a flooding is imminent, well known methods used for protection are dated. Sand bags and systems that require water pumps, air compression, stones or other equipment to create a barrier, are a hassle and too time-consuming.

Take a look at the Tube Barrier. This one is fast, light weighted, flexible and easy to store! Take a look at the video.

Benefits of the Tube Barrier

  • it is user-friendly
  • It’s easy to set up as well as the stow is quick
  • It will be an integrated part of the area (rolled up in a compartment) and can be rolled out when flooding is imminent
  • the Tube Barrier creates an effective and flexible dam by using the water of the river

The Tube Barrier is made ​​up of a number of elements. The Tube itself is held up by the tension bars in and around the Tube. This looks like a hollow tunnel. The span slats are made ​​from a special fiberglass created what the enormous pressure and stress can cope well. For the Tube is a flap that is attached to the Tube itself.

Special Ground Profile

If wanted, the Tube Barrier team installs a soil profile that stops the water to 25/30 cm deep in the soil, on which cars can drive over. It is a special Unipro profile for hard and soft surfaces. Thus, the profile can be installed on potential flooding zones. As a result, it is possible that the Tube Barrier several days / weeks, can continue to be without any appreciable passage of water.



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