The Oceans CleanUp! Remarkable Project

The Oceans CleanUp! Remarkable Project

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I have to thank Torbjørn Johnsen, from Sweden, for sending me the information about this Oceans CleanUp concept; in response to one of my discussions. I thought this is an effort worthy of sharing this info, spread this around as much as possible, so I decided to post it as a discussion.

I think that, by sharing it, it will encourage readers to share their thoughts, offer their input, perhaps pass it on to others. That is the idea. Sea how a young guy want to clean the oceans.


VIDEO Oceans CleanUp concept

Boyan Slat about the Oceans CleanUp concept

The thought come to mind that “if a young man found the way, by designing a system to clean up the oceans, why can’t governments around the world can’t do the same, or even more? Projects such as this, are what I expect environmental protection agencies be doing. At least, I hope that they can provide support to it. You will find more information here.

I would love to see this project grow, supported by every country, because the ‘union rises the power.’

That is exactly what humans need to do: i.e. come together to ensure our planet’s sustainability; this is the only vessel within the universe we know, that can offer humans the exact, perfect settings for us to carry out moving our civilization forward…even we may discover life somewhere else, at another planet, we can’t never be sure it would suitable for us to survive in the very comfortable way we do here on earth.

Tanja Nolten, founder




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