The power of vulnerability during your speech

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Actress Natalie Portman has been shown her vulnerable site to graduates

A good presentation is not the one on your USB stick. A good presentation is given by yourself. It is tempting to ask a colleague to make some slides for you, or to limit yourself to a standard story.

This is better:

dare to make something yourself to see and use your own background to bring an even better about the message. You don’t have to start with your message at the very beginning (preferably not), incorporate it into your story!

These questions can help you:

1 – Are you the only one who can tell this story?

If your colleague can easily tell exactly the same story, or perhaps even a random passerby on the street, then you are – as a speaker – completely interchangeable. Then it becomes more difficult to connect with your audience.

2 – What exactly is the essence of the personal elements?

Avoid playing the hero in your own anecdotes. Try to show your vulnerable side, like Natalie Portman.

Especially well-known VIP’s have a tendency to talk a lot about themselves without adding anything. I ones saw a presenter at work that started a meeting:

“This morning I had breakfast with my wife. You know, with fresh croissants and stuff. She asked me what was on my program today, to which I replied: I’m going to lead a meeting with bankers. To which she responded: well well, lucky dog! So dear bankers, this afternoon it is my job … “

No idea what was now the target (yawn!). But the distance from his audience did grown.

Another tip to watch

Brene Brown at TEDx about the power of vulnerability


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