This Compressed Air Turbine Outperforms Wind Turbine

compressed air turbine

This Compressed Air Turbine Outperforms Wind Turbine

Is this compressed air turbine the future of power generation that we are looking for?

The compressed air turbine makes use of the natural source, and in return it helps to improve the environmental condition. 

Mr. Hashim is trying to invent something much better than the existing Wind Turbine.

Compressed Air Turbine

This one is great. It:

  1. Is able to power the mobility of EV without limited distance
  2. enables itself to perform as generator, and thus able to provide electricity in remote areas
  3. could actively clean the air in the atmosphere

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Knowing fully well with the weakness of the wind turbine, which many refused to reveled openly, due to their investment interest and strategy. He believes, this Compressed Air Turbine, could easily outperform the wind turbine, and a lot more energy generating sources.

For land, sea and air

Hashim: “I am targeting the output power of this compressed air turbine to be in the range of 3 MW to 20MW.”

Target usage, for Electric Vehicles on land, at sea and in the air. The size, the appearance and the capacity, need to be changed in order to suits with its intended usage.

I do believe, even the cargo vessels that ply the ocean waters, could easily be powered by this methodology.

Compressed Air Turbine


Which turbine do you need?

I am looking at the turbines that could best fit this role from the low capacity output power to a maximum of 20 MW.

If in case, 20MW is impossible to be reached with one turbine, then we might scale down to achievable level.


The turbine should be having its generator on top, and its blades at the bottom. It should be light weight, robust and very reliable over very long operating hours.

Water Filter

The blades should be arranged vertical, and placed in a biscuit type housing (see picture above). The housing should be air tight, with one open hole for the mounting of incoming compressed air adjustable nozzle mounted with spiral barrel. On the opposite side of the housing, there should be two protruding outlets.

One would go to air release to the atmosphere, through water filter, and the other going back to the high pressure tank through a check valve.

Compressed Air Turbine Outperforms Wind Turbine

pressure booster

Start at 100mBar

Identification of minimum compressed air pressure required in order to cause the turning motion of the rotor should start at 100mBar.

This should be documented as we need to structure real time efficiency. The firing distance between the blade on target to the adjustable nozzle, should be less than 5 inches.

The goal is to have the operation to commence harmoniously through time and that it should be able to have the generator output to be very stable.


With this system being put to operation, the air in the atmosphere, would be made cleaner as we are able to release to the atmosphere a cleaner air.

Our EV would not have to worry about finding charging stations for the battery and we save the time, the money, the effort and trauma if caught in traffic jams.

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Contact Jalaludin bin Hashim
engineer from Malaysia

More pictures

high pressure tank, Compressed Air Turbine suction fan 2, Compressed Air Turbine suction fan, Compressed Air Turbine Turbine biscuit type blades, Compressed Air Turbine


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