Green & Profit : From Ocean Plastics to Carpets

cradle to cradle, carpets from fishing nets

Carpets from Fillipine fishing nets

Hundreds of Philippines are collecting fishing nets in the ocean and at the shore. Of course the receive money in return from Interface. But even better; the nets are transformed into the most beautiful carpets I ever saw.

The colors and textures reflect the undulating waves of our oceans and seas, in blends of swirling sapphires, aqueous aquamarines and turbulent teals. 

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It’s shocking what plastic in the oceans can do to wildlife! Interface is one of the great companies who feels the responsibility to clear this mess and help people in South East Asia. They deliver world wide.

Ray Anderson: I always make the business case for sustainability. It’s so compelling. Our costs are down, not up. Our products are the best they have ever been. And the goodwill in the marketplace: it’s just been astonishing.

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