Tips for your Solar Water Pumping Project

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Isn’t it a great thing, to get 25 years worth of power for irrigation, with just 3 years of money spent on diesel / gas powered water pumps?

Using Solar Power for irrigation is a very useful way to contribute to climate change.

Traditionally diesel generators have been utilized to provide pump water from a water source below ground

Isn’t it a great thing, to get 25 years worth of power for irrigation, with just 3 years of money spent on diesel / gas powered water pumps?

The burning of diesel has very devastating effects on our environment. Solar Water Pumping is the next great thing to happen to farming after tractors.

Ask me about the Break Even Point, and I would say you can break even very much within 3rd or fourth year, even at present all time low prices of crude oil (USD 47.20, date 25th March, 2015).

Farmers tell me, often how grateful they are for their decision to go solar. How their lives have changed and most of their difficulties in farming have been totally eliminated after they paid to get Solar System for Irrigation.

Imagine this scenario

There are many factors that play role in your irrigation water requirement. And your water pump should confirm to this needs.

Imagine a scenario where you spent say USD 10000 for running a 5hp submersible pump. Now suppose you pumped daily with your old 5hp pump for almost 3 hours daily.

But your solar pump is capable of running from sun rise to sunset … nonstop. So it is producing more water than you current requirements. You have to close the pump after 4 hours of pumping or you have to build a tank.

What you need is less renewable power for more water! Hence sizing of the system becomes essential.

Start small

Even if you need five hour pumping daily, with a 5HP motor, starting off with a 2HP or 3HP solar system is an open option for you… This will help you in any case when government won’t be able to supply you with the free power. Still we at Bati Energy recommend our customers that they use as much government power as is given to them. You can always add solar panels in your solar array and run higher capacity submersible pump.

  • go after keeping in mind your present and future water consumption
  • go with someone who can measure, what is your current water consumption pattern
  • what is your electricity consumption pattern

Based on that get help to size your project in such a way that you will not be fearing where to stock extra water, or what to do with extra power that your huge solar panel array produces, while you can’t even use it.

Remember you can always go up

Bati Energy Private Limited provides Solar MW scale Power Project Engineering Procurement and Construction Services anywhere in the world.

You are investing for a minimum of 25 years of power security. Stuck with this important information, there are so many factors, very important factors that will come into play for deciding right solar system for your need, your environment, your location, and your budget, and your farm… There are also technical factors, that will be important in choosing the right system for your project. Bati Energy can offer upto 1000 HP customized solutions.

Be it a 2HP or 1000HP solutions that you need, we can deliver.


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