7 Tips to minimize the impacts of weather and climate change on your building


Green building with solar windows

Green building with solar windows

Are you keeping weather and climate change impacts in mind as you manage the water and energy use of your building? Here are a few tips:

  1. Continue to focus on energy-efficiency initiatives to help counteract the increased demand on power plants due to higher outdoor temperatures
  2. Participate in demand response programs offered by your local utility to help offset peak demand increase and avoid blackouts and brownouts
  3. Invest in cool or green roofs, which will help reduce ambient temperatures, save energy, and reduce reliance on excessive cooling to keep tenants and occupants comfortable
  4. Develop water-efficiency programs to minimize reliance on municipal water resources while also reducing energy use required for pumping and treating water
  5. Consider green power when possible to reduce loads on power plants
  6. Add additional insulation and consider Solar Windows to generate 10 times more new energy than Solar Roof Panels
  7. Increase use of daylighting and natural ventilation to lessen the use of HVAC and artificial lighting systems

This interactive map, put together by the U.S. Department of Energy, shows the affects of increasing temperatures, decreasing water availability, and increasing intensity and frequency of storms and flooding in the last decade.

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