Tool calculates amount of renewables from biomass

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Biomass power plants—in some cases, biorefineries—work much like a fossil fuel power plant. A plant-based product, such as wood scraps, trees, switchgrass, corn stover, hemp, sugarcane, corn, yard clippings or even garbage, is combusted to heat water into steam. That steam spins an electric turbine and electricity is created.

Six EU-countries have developed a calculation tool for suppliers of renewable energy from biomass.

The tool allows them to create an insight of the emission-savings if electricity and heat are conversed from biomass.

The BioGrace II calculation tool is suitable as a verification tool, to demonstrate that the used biomass is truly sustainable. Every step has been made transparent. The tool follows in the emission reduction calculation, set in the guidelines from the European Commission.

Collaborating Danish energy producers downloaded the BioGrace Tool to demonstrate their sustainable energy production from solid biomass.


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