Trending: Sustainable Wastewater Reuse

Trending: Hydrovolta Sustainable Wastewater recycling system

Hydrovolta water recycling system

This trending wastewater reuse technology can reduce your water costs up to 95%.

It’s green, it is trending

The plug and play units will remove ions from industrial waste water by using the power of electricity (electrodialysis technology) and ultrasound as pre-treatment, with low pressure and energy, without using chemicals or high pressure osmosis.

It is supported by automatic regeneration of ions and self-cleaning filters and included with online water quality monitoring and telemetric control system.


Trending: Hydrovolta Sustainable Wastewater recycling system

wastewater reuse system UX Hydrovolta

The UX-wastewater recycling units are perfect for industries such as:

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Oil & Mining industry
    • Hospitals
    • Cooling Towers
    • Food & Beverage
    • Chemical industry

Waste streams generated in the industry can contain contaminants, toxins, nutrients and organic compounds. Therefore, pharmaceutical compounds need to be removed from wastewater in order to comply with discharge quality standards.

Water cost reductions, regulatory requirements and sustainability goals require environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions to reuse pharmaceutical water as raw water.

Trending technology, the advantages

  • Reduce water costs
    Recover up to 95% of industrial wastewater. Reduce water waste to 5%
  • Remove up to 99% of salt
    Up to 99% salt rejection. High quality of water produced due to high ion rejection
  • Sustainable
    Chemical-free and environmentally friendly solution based on ultrasound and electrodialysis
  • Easy to install
    Plug-and-play system; pre-built, pre-tested and pre-qualified unit
  • Low maintenance
    The system is easily accessible for maintenance while operated
  • Low operational costs
    The UX Series operates automatically by using low voltage electricity and low pressure (1-2 bar), supported by an advanced monitoring system that keeps it working only when needed.

Electrodialysis versus Reverse Osmosis

Electrodialysis Reverse Osmosis
Environmentally friendly because of low chemical use Environmentally unfriendly because of high chemical use
Minimal pretreatment required Backwash costs
Requires pretreatment processes to minimize
scaling and fouling.
Operates at a low pressure Requires high pressure to achieve high salt rejection
Antiscalant is not required Antiscalant is required
Membrane life expectancy is longer because foulants are continuously removed during the reversal process Requires more chemicals for fouling control
Requires less maintenance due to reversal process More routine maintenance may be required to maintain performance
Process is much quieter because high pressure pumps are not required Noisy process because of high pressure pumps
40% less operational costs 40% higher operational costs






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