Two more breakthrough technologies 2014

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These advances technologies 2014 solve thorny problems or create powerful new ways of using technology.

They are breakthroughs that will matter for years to come.




  • Agricultural Drones

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    A boom in drones may come from precision agriculture, using high-tech systems to help farmers increase yields

    Relatively cheap drones with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities are giving farmers new ways to increase yields, reduce crop damage and cut costs. Illinoia researchers say they’re saving valuable time by using drones to monitor crops in their fields. Photo credit: L. Brian Stauffer/University of Illinois.

    “I think it’s going to change agriculture as we know it in North America. It’s definitely going to allow producers to become much more efficient.”
    Scott Shearer, a professor at Ohio State University and an expert in precision agriculture

  • Smart Wind and Solar Power

    Clean Energy, Climate Change, Solar Power, Smart Grid, Wind Power, Renewables, Clean Energy

    Smart Grids will power a sustainable future with clean energy

    Big data and artificial intelligence are producing ultra-accurate forecasts that will make it feasible to integrate much more clean, green, renewable energy into the grid. Microgrids will move from curiosity to reality. This year Lux forecasts an annual market for grid-based storage in the $1.5 billion range. 



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