UN Climate Center GCECA located in the Netherlands

UN Climate Center GCECA located in the Netherlands

Climate Adaption best practices

The United Nations Global Center of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA), which is opening in the Netherlands, will be based in Rotterdam and Groningen.

The international knowledge center will advise countries, companies and organizations on how to deal with climate change.

GCECA criteria

The two cities did win the Global Center of Excellence on Climate Adaptation (GCECA) based on:

  • The location of the cities
  • The knowledge they have about the effects of climate change
  • The innovative office buildings

Climate agreement

The GCECA initiative is one of the results from the Paris Climate Agreement, which agreed that there should be such an knowledge center.

Deputy Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Environment, Sharon Dijksma:

“With this climate center, the Netherlands will show that it has the knowledge and skills to tackle the effects of climate change. Global warming will hit more and more people. This global climate center will help countries, companies and organizations searching for practical solutions to cope with climate change.”

Floating building

The GCECA will employ about 20 people, whose task will be to advise countries on how to best adapt to climate change, especially regarding infrastructure and agriculture. Rotterdam will build a climate-neutral floating office for GCECA employees. And in Groningen they will be housed in a sustainable office building.

Adaptive city examples

Rotterdam has many examples of climate adaptive measures, such as the underground water storage in the Museumparkgarage and the water park in the Bellamy Park. The predominantly green square has a centrally located and hardened area designed as rainwater buffer.

This combination of green and water storage is an integral solution that also contributes to reducing heat stress and increasing biodiversity


In the new UN climate center, several national and international organizations will work together, including the Dutch Planning Agency for the Environment, Netherlands Water Partnership and Wageningen University and Research. In addition, the National Institute for Environmental Studies, the World Resources Institute and the Stockholm Environment Institute are involved.


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