UN Spots on Dutch Solar Initiative

UN Spots on Dutch Solar Initiative

‘ZonnepanelenDelen” shows 20 solar projects and 16,000 solar panels financed to date, thanks to a total of € 3 million to thousands crowdfunding investments.

The UN rewarded the Dutch Crowdfunding Platform ‘ZonnepanelenDelen’ (Sharing PV), as one of the thirteen winners of Climate Change Award.

The price allows the company to present itself at the UN climate conference in Marrakech (7 – 18 November).

1 million solar panels

Platform ‘ZonnepanelenDelen’ has been selected for the UN ‘Momentum for Change’s 2016 Lighthouse Activities. Their goal: To 1 million solar panels!

“We are honored to have been selected as the United Nations by an institution as UN Lighthouse Activity. This brings us one step closer to our goal to make solar energy available to everyone with the best financing solution.

In 2020, we want to achieve 1 million solar panels through our platform and need all the support to achieve that goal. Recognition from the UN for our operations to combat climate change will help a lot, “says Sven Pluut, founder and CEO of ‘ZonnepanelenDelen.

UN Momentum

Momentum for Change is an initiative of the UNFCCC secretariat to give attention to the most innovative and scalable examples to stop climate change.

“It is impressive to see how many original and creative ways are there to combat climate change,” said UN FCCC spokesman Nick Nuttall.

“ZonnepanelenDelen is a platform which can be copied anywhere in the world. It supports climate action and grow the impact.

The winning UN Lighthouse Activities Dedicated not only to stop climate change, but they also help many other sustainable developments ahead, such as gender equality innovations and economic opportunity.

About the winning Platform

‘ZonnepanelenDelen’ has been awarded the Momentum for Change award in the UN category ‘Financing for Climate Friendly Investment’. The main innovation of ‘ZonnepanelenDelen’ is a financial one by providing access to solar energy for everyone who wants to.

To invest in solar panels or to ‘rent’ an own sunroof. It developed a specialized solar bond which has the same characteristics as having a solar panel on its own roof. If energy prices go up, the yield goes up, and when production is better than expected, the yield goes up.
‘ZonnepanelenDelen’ is the largest crowdfunding platform in the EU. It:

  • supports collective solar projects
  • connects owners of a roof suitable for solar panels to consumers who want to invest in solar energy
  • makes it easy for third parties to develop and manage a solar energy project
    Households who want to generate clean energy often can not.

43% of the Netherlands is not able to install solar panels on their house. As residents of an apartment, or as a tenant of the house or because there is too much shade.

For these households the platform offers the solution. ‘ZonnepanelenDelen” shows 20 solar projects and 16,000 solar panels financed to date, thanks to a total of € 3 million to thousands crowdfunding investments. Banks are happy to finance the solar energy projects, thereby increasing the impact of each crowd funded investment. ‘ZonnepanelenDelen’ has already funded € 5 million in solar energy projects.

UN Winners

The full list of winners, and links to in-depth descriptions of these game-changing, award-winning activities, click here.

“The Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities underline how climate action and sustainable development is building at all levels of society from country-wide initiatives to ones in communities, by companies and within cities world-wide,” said Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary.

“By showcasing these remarkable examples of creativity and transformational change, along with the extraordinary people behind them, we can inspire everyone to be an accelerator towards the kind of future we all want and need.”


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