Unlimited WavePower: Promising Mini Model

This WavePower Generator mini-model is the first to use the whole elliptic way of movement of the waves. And by that takes the full advantage of the wave energy in order to produce electricity. Fully patented, the most efficient device for producing electricity from wave’s energy.

The wave energy potential is

  • 10 times greater than wind energy
  • more than 100 times greater than solar energy

The WavePower generator is capable of gathering almost 30% of the waves energy potential.


Maintenance and repair costs

Prior calculations show that the total cost of energy (financing, building and maitenance) for 20 years should be around USD 0.02/KWh.

For additional information and investors relations, please contact Yossi Levy, Founder of Wave-Power Technologies


WavePower Technologies

P.O. Box. 5031
Kfar-Yona, Israel 40300
E. yossil@wavepower.co.il

T. +972-54-9965500



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  1. Giovanni Lo Calzo says:

    what is the power of the mini model? I’m asking just to have an idea of the power/dimensions ratio achievable.
    Thank you

  2. Yossi Levy says:

    This mini-model was just for Proof-Of-Concept, so not much energy was generated from it.
    The estimated efficiency of such device should be more than 25%,
    i.e. – in a site of 40KW/m waves we expect to generate at least 10KW from each 1m length of float (the red box).
    The full scale devices are planed to be build from 10m float and 2 generators of 250KW each.
    Such device with peak power of 500KW, should produce an average of 150-180KW/h depends on its location in the ocean.

    Prior calculations show that the total cost of energy (financing, building and maitenance) for 20 years should be around USD 0.02/KWh.

    We are now raising funds in order to advance R&D and start building the first full-scale device.


  3. Hi,

    What is the scale of funding anticipated to develop a full scale model?


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    i would like to make this project as my final year project and i’m an electrical engineering student. can i get more information bout the components?

  6. support says:

    Contact WavePower Technologies
    E. yossil@wavepower.co.il
    T. +972-54-9965500

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